Live Lids was founded with the idea that we can use technology to enhance your fashion statement. Through integrating a High Definition display into the cap, the possibilities are endless. We don't want you to blend in. We want you to stand out in the crowd. Upload the images that you want to wear, and create your own look.

Our team at Live Lids is constantly striving to deliver products of the highest quality along with a great user experience. And now, the rest is up to you. Express yourself in unlimited ways. 




Create your own look.


From the first prototype until now, we are proud of all the hard work and dedication that went into making this happen. Each Live Lids cap is made with the finest materials, connects with your phone through WiFi, and has a High Definition display seamlessly built into the crown. 

Step 1: Upload images that compliment your look.

Step 2: Wear the Cap.